Delivery and Installation

Delivery and installation of power generation systems

Behind every concept and system of standby power generation, genset, power generator or uninterruptible power supply UPS, there is a team of highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated engineers dedicated to meeting customer needs.
Our team consists of sales engineers, project managers, design engineers, electromechanical engineers, supported by experienced technicians, available to ensure the delivery and installation of your equipment.
We use the latest simulation and engineering design software applications that can provide detailed customer-specific solutions that are pre-validated prior to production providing resource maximization and cost minimization.
The development department is in permanent contact with the technical universities of Stuttgart and Timisoara, supporting invention and innovation projects.

Passion and desire for improvement is our daily motto.

All these pre-couplings have led to innovations in the field of energy applications, the most recent being:Detour panel – patented invention ENDRESS – OSIM Patent 0010 / 2012