Welding generator ESE 500 DSP/ PS

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Standard features

High frequency digital control of welding current and voltage
Specific welding programs for cellulose electrodes
Double welding scale (half/full – 50%/ 100%)
Digital ammeter and voltmeter with presets
Auxiliary power available during welding
Auxiliary power available during welding
Engine protection
Emergency stop button
In accordance with European Commission directives
ModelESE 500 DSP/ PS
EnginePerkins 404A-22G1 (1500 rpm)
AternatorThree-phase, asynchronous, brushless
Current range, continuous10 รท 500 A (bar-TIG) 16 รท 40 V (flux-cored MIG)
Duty cycle500 A – 35% | 450 A – 60% | 400 A – 100%
Open circuit voltage62 V
Frequency (Hz)50 Hz
Three-phase power16 kVA (12.8 kW) / 400 V / 23.1 A
Single-phase power12 kVA / 230 V / 52.2 A
Single-phase power5 kVA / 48 V / 104 A
Dry weight750
Tank capacity60
Fuel consumption (welding 60%)3.8 l/h
Sound pressure LpA68.5 dB(A) @ 7m
Prize1x400V 32A 3P+N+E CEE, 1x230V 32A 2P+E CEE, 1x230V 16A 2P+E CEE, 2 DINSE 200 A sockets for 48V


Site trailer
Car trailer with RAR card
Welding cables 20m+15m, 50mmยฒ
Remote control cable (20m cable)
Remote control cable extension (30m cable)
Remote control cable for version with changed polarity (20m cable)
Plowing kit
Mig-mag wire feeder
Welding kit
Tank lid with key
Drum with spark protection
Chalwyn valve
VRD – Voltage Regulating Device
Polarity change

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