Service and Maintenance

Generator service

Why not protect your investment with a generator maintenance subscription?

Who should I call if there is a fault in the generator set?

What happens if production stops because of the genset?

Whether you have a ZENESSIS genset or another genset, Endress Group Romania offers you the new service “backup service 24/24 h”.With this service you are insured against any defects occurring both during the warranty period and post warranty period.

What we offer through this service:

– What we offer through this service:
– 24-hour technical support;;
– rapid intervention on the ground ;
-the possibility of benefiting from a genset until the existing genset is repaired;
– monitoring of the generating set with the ENDRESS dispatcher, non stop;
– lowest maintenance costs;
– elimination of risks of unauthorised interventions;
– the security of a single supplier for both sales and service and maintenance;
-safety of generator set maintenance and avoid its damage;
– warranty for parts and services.

Depending on your needs we offer 3 types of monthly subscriptions:

Standard Subscription

(includes monthly visit; thorough checks; recommendations; empty and load tests; technical support by phone, operations record etc.)

Abonament Standard Plus

(includes in addition to the operations in the standard subscription and periodic technical overhauls with replacement of consumables (oil filters; fuel filters; air filter; engine oil; antifreeze; etc.)

GOLD subscription

(includes standard subscription plus provision of similar equipment if needed)